Emmaus House Mission

“The two were going to a village named Emmaus… And Jesus drew near and walked along with them. (Luke 24:13-15) Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, there are sad roads we too must walk. Sometimes it seems like nearly the whole world is confused and sad. But confusion and sadness are most often of our doing. At Emmaus House, we do not judge or dwell on the past. We believe that all of our women are unique, precious creations of God. Our mission at Emmaus House is to join the women in their journey, walking along side them on their road to physical, emotional and spiritual healing and growth, just as Christ did on the road to Emmaus.

How Our Homes Function

We strive to provide a safe, family atmosphere for our guests. Each of our homes is under the direction of a house manager. Everyday life for our ladies includes:

· Morning prayer and meditation
· Household chores and yard work
· Volunteer work at Emmaus House and the Morrow Center
· Daily 12-step meeting
· Bi-weekly self-help and counseling groups
· Planning and cooking meals
· Eating at least one meal a day together
· Church on Sunday
· Monthly house outings
· Extensive case management to help our ladies establish and reach individual goals

In addition to our regular weekly activities, we also plan several seasonal activities for our ladies. We have attended local plays and concerts, have annual picnics, and have spent fun filled days at Michigan Adventure.

We do our best to make holidays at Emmaus House special for our guests. Holiday activities include home cooked meals, gifts and games. Santa has been known to make an appearance and Easter baskets are always filled with chocolate and other goodies.

Proud Members of

Consortium of Homeless Assistance Providers

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Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce

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