We accept women who are:

  • Being released from jail, or
  • Being released from prison, or
  • Being released from rehab, or
  • Otherwise have thirty (30) days of sobriety.

At Emmaus House, we live and function as a family in a sober living environment. To facilitate this, the following expectations are mandatory:

  • If you are not coming directly from jail, prison, or rehab: you will submit to a drug screen test. You must be clean and sober in order to stay. If not, we will assist you getting into rehab.
  • We do random drug and alcohol screens
  • We do random house visits.
  • You are required to attend a daily 12-step meeting, meet with a therapist weekly, acquire a sponsor and recovery coach, attend two 2 groups weekly, and attend church on Sunday.
  • We will request a mental health evaluation if seen as needed; refusal may result in termination from the program.
  • Accountability is mandatory; for example – a staff member must be notified if you plan to be away for meals.
  • Share in prayer/reflection at morning meditation and in all house activities.
  • Follow all rules for making appointments, doing chores, demonstrating respect for others and their property at all times.