For women coming from prison, jail, and drug, alcohol, and other addiction rehab programs, we offer safe, and sober living facilities where women will be connected with doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, 12-step programs, and other recovery tools necessary to stay on the road to a lifetime of recovery and success.


The first 30 days – like traditional in-patient rehabilitation programs – are tightly managed so as to instill the basic routines of safe and sober living. During this time, intial therapeutic and recovery connections are made.

Because we rely primarily on private funding, there is no set time limit. Some guests stay with us for 3 months, some for a couple of years. The average stay is just over 6 months (180 days).

We have a full-time social worker on staff. The one commonality for all of our guests (and much of our staff) is that we’re all in recovery. This fact is a major environmental factor in the majority of our guests living a safe and sober life.


Women who stay with us are our guests.

Those entering Emmaus House will be drug-tested. ANY presence of drugs or alcohol at ANY time during admission or afterwards will result in expulsion from the program.

While we are best equipped to receive guests directly from prison, jails, or inpatient addiction rehabilitation programs, we can screen others for admission, but each woman entering must have been clean and sober for at least 30 days prior to entering.

To be self-referred, or to refer a friend, or family member to us, please fill out this form. 

IMPORTANT: FILLING OUT THIS FORM DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION. The referral form is just that. We may not have a bed available, or we may have to reject anyone referred to us.