Our Purpose

Emmaus House provides transitional living and life skills to a unique female population.  Emmaus House is a home for women coming from jail, prison, or rehab. Our purpose is to provide the women with a safe, family-like, Christian atmosphere while they are rebuilding their lives. A woman's stay at Emmaus is temporary, lasting until they are able to live independently. Our desire is to provide an environment where each woman can come to realize her own unique goodness and worth. At Emmaus House we don’t judge or dwell on the past. We believe that each of our ladies has potential and the ability to become what God created them to be.

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A woman’s stay here is temporary, lasting only until they are able to be on their own. The average stay is 7 to 8 months. The longest stay has been six years.

Who are we?

Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, there are sad roads we to must walk. Sometimes it seems like nearly the whole world is confused and sad. But confusion and sadness are most often of our doing. At Emmaus House we do not judge or dwell on the past. We believe that all of our women are unique, precious creations of God. Our mission at Emmaus House is to join the women in their journey, walking along side them on the road to physical, emotional and spiritual healing, just as Christ did on the road to Emmaus.

The two were going to a village named Emmaus… and Jesus drew near and walked with them.
- Luke 24:13-1

About us…

Emmaus House was started in 1987 by Sister Shirley Orand and Sister Marietta Fritz. The ministry began as an extension of their jail ministry when Sister Marietta became aware that many of the women who were released from jail returned to the streets. It was apparent that women being released from jail, prison and drug rehab needed a safe place to live while re-establishing their lives.

The Emmaus House Ministry has continued to grow. We now have 13 houses with the capacity to help 50 women at a time. Our facilities are usually full and there are times when we have to turn women away. To date, over 1200 women have lived and received services at Emmaus House.

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